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Carmen is a freelancer multidisciplinary artist born in Costa Rica living in the UK. 
​Her education includes contemporary art practice at the University of Bedfordshire, fine art at Central Saint Martins, and a Master's degree on Arts and Politics at Goldsmiths University of London.


​Her practice is deeply concerned and inspired by ecological and social issues which are reflected in her work, Her passion for Sustainability and the environment is translated into her meaningful artwork which engages with a range of thought-provoking issues. 


believe in having an ethical and environmentally-conscious outlook and practice as an artist; creating and fostering environmental awareness through my art. 


I recognise my position to influence public opinion through the materials I use and the work I create. I understand the benefits of engaging with the environmental agenda, from efficient resource management, to strengthening and forming new relationships with local artists and communities.


My art-based research is influenced by Eco-Aesthetics, evolving into methodological structures that represent my deep appreciation for the organic beauty found in nature, Each of my artworks integrates different elements, showcasing the natural qualities of the materials, and fusing parts that complement each other in a new art form. This process aims to stimulate the senses of the viewer by sensitizing materials, environments, spaces, situations and emotions.


While my projects are based on communal values, they also promote self-awareness, emotional development, and the power of collaboration to empower individuals and promote social change.

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