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Working with wire

materials for sculptures

As an artist, living in the countryside, surrounded by a voluptuous forest and rich wildlife is highly inspiring. Recently I adopted the Japanese practice of 'Forest Bath' which allows me to experience nature in a unique and intimate way. Forest bathing is set at a much slower pace and is focused on fully interacting with the nature around us. This connection brings me the awareness to see things in different ways.

Interacting with nature
Forest bath

These deep interactions with nature inspired my recent work, a series of wire sculptures that explore the elements, textures, and spaces documented through my journeys. I primarily use wire, sheet metal, but also thread and fabrics, to evoke the fragility, and the thread of life that connect me with nature

To wave the armature I use fine and medium gauge and then manipulate this material combining line, form, and texture to give the impression of something lively and expressive. Because of this, I have been interested to introduce the use of lighting as an integral part of a particular composition.

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