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Exploring the Complexity of Glass: Embracing Glass Painting as an Artistic Journey


As I immerse myself in the mesmerizing realm of glass painting, I find a particular draw to the intricate and spiritually rich designs of mandalas. The complexity they offer serves not just as inspiration but also as a challenging form that pushes the boundaries of my artistry. While mandalas serve as a point of departure, my creative journey is in no way confined to them; I am actively exploring other thematic avenues, each offering its own set of unique artistic challenges and rewards.

© Lamberti Arts

The Historic Canvas of Glass Painting

Glass painting is an art form that has been cherished and evolved for centuries. It demands not only a strong grasp over mixing pigments but also the nuanced strokes of an artistic brush. The practice can be traced back to medieval Europe, where it was predominantly used in religious architecture. The stained glass windows of cathedrals are perhaps the most iconic examples of this technique. Over the years, the art form has crossed boundaries and genres, offering artists a unique platform to experiment and showcase their creativity.

© Lamberti Arts

The Multifaceted Journey of Glass Painting

Mandalas, with their geometric symmetry and ancient spiritual foundations, have long fascinated me and serve as one of my primary inspirations in glass painting. The non-forgiving nature of glass as a medium adds a layer of complexity and challenge, demanding precision that pushes my artistic abilities to new heights. Yet, this journey is not limited to the structured world of mandalas. I also find freedom in exploring less rigid forms, whether they be abstract expressions or scenes inspired by nature. In each case, the medium of glass provides a unique interaction with light, giving every creation an added dimension of depth and movement.

© Lamberti Arts

Solo Exploration: The Self-Taught Journey

While workshops and communal learning have their own charms, my journey into glass painting has largely been a self-taught experience. The joy of personal discovery, the struggles of trial and error, and the satisfaction of incremental improvement have made this an enriching endeavour. Each challenge faced and overcome has added layers of depth to my understanding of this complex medium, making the solitary route a rewarding one.

© Lamberti Arts


By exploring the realm of glass painting, my artistic toolkit has been expanded in exciting ways. As an art form, it has a rich history and offers a wide range of creative opportunities. It's been a lot of fun exploring new techniques and ideas. Painting on glass keeps me fascinated, and I'm eager to explore it further.

Watch this space for more updates.


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