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Fragments of Light: A Personal Journey in Fused Glass Artistry

An Ever-Changing Canvas

Welcome to another chapter in my artistic exploration. There has always been something appealing to me about materials that offer me the latitude to manipulate and morph—something that fused glass does remarkably well.

Every twist and turn of the kiln cycle transforms the glass into something magical, and as an artist, I find this metamorphosis endlessly captivating. I've not only been weaving threads in tapestry but also fusing fragments of glass to create an entirely new canvas that offers as many possibilities

Tracing the Arc of History

The art of fused glass is as rich in history as it is in aesthetic potential. Originating in ancient Egypt around 2000 BCE, the medium has come a long way from its utilitarian beginnings. As civilizations grew, so did the complexity and beauty of fused glass artistry. Over the course of several millennia, it evolved from functional items like beads and amulets into intricate, decorative pieces that showcased an artist's skill and vision.

In the realm of contemporary fused glass art, numerous artists have significantly expanded the medium's expressive capabilities. Noteworthy names include Richard La Londe, celebrated for his colorful and intricate murals, and Alicia Lomné, who is acclaimed for her unique "Pâte de Verre" pieces that harmonize color and form. Another innovative force is Narcissus Quagliata, who extends the possibilities of fused glass into architectural spaces. Additionally, Ginny Ruffner stands out as a pioneering female artist in this space, known for her whimsical and highly imaginative sculptural works.

Each of these artists contributes uniquely to the medium, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with fused glass. Their collective works serve as a testament to the medium's rich history and its boundless potential, embodying the depth and breadth of contemporary fused glass art.

Learning Together, Creating Alone: A Fused Glass Odyssey

Though my exploration of fused glass art is a personal venture, it has been significantly enhanced by attending workshops with experts in the field. Learning from British glass artist Maggie Barton at her Hitchin studio in the UK has been both enlightening and enjoyable. Her studio serves as a hub for artists of varying skill levels, making the learning process incredibly enriching.

What made these workshops especially memorable was attending them alongside my artist friends, Beatriz Acevedo and Jill Taylor. While each of us is on an individual artistic journey, the shared experience of learning and creating added a collaborative spirit to our individual pursuits.


As I learn more about fused glass, I discover more and more of its contemporary relevance and endless artistic possibilities. A compelling narrative is created by the magical interplay of glass and light, which continuously invites exploration and innovation. In this journey, each experiment serves not just as a technique learned, but as a chapter in a story of artistic discovery that continues to unfold.

Stay tuned as I share more of my journey into the dazzling world of fused glass!


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