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Crafting Rock Mandalas in times of COVID-19: An Ongoing Journey of Art and Connection

Embracing The Now In Unprecedented Times

As we all make our way through the shifting landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, my artistic practice has been evolving in response. The isolation and restrictions that have become a daily reality have guided me toward a fresh form of artistic exploration: crafting rock mandalas. In this moment of unprecedented uncertainty, these mandalas are more than just a diversion or a creative outlet. They serve as a bridge that connects me to my own inner landscape, to the natural world that envelops me, and potentially to others who might discover these intricate patterns during their own explorations.

© Lamberti Arts

The Living Canvas: The Forest as an Open Gallery

In a world where social interactions are limited and indoor spaces often off-limits, the forest that surrounds my home has become more than just a backdrop; it's my living canvas. Each day, I wander through this woodland gallery, identifying spots where a new rock mandala could emerge. Be it beside a babbling brook, under the watchful arms of an ancient oak, or along the pathways that meander through the greenery, each chosen site becomes a sacred space for art-making.

© Lamberti Arts

The Appeal of Rock Mandalas

Why rock mandalas? These intricate patterns, drawn from ancient traditions, serve as powerful spiritual symbols and meditation tools. For me, the rocks—each unique in its shape, size, and story—became not just artistic mediums but also companions. Each stone picked from the forest floor near my cabin felt like a treasure, an age-old piece of the Earth’s history that I could incorporate into a moment of beauty and contemplation.

© Lamberti Arts

The Process: Mindfulness in Each Stone

Gathering rocks has become a meditative practice in itself. Every stone’s unique shape, color, and texture tells a story, and as I arrange these pieces into intricate mandalas, I feel grounded in the present moment. The process requires an acute focus and connection with the material and the layout, making each mandala a manifestation of mindfulness.

Although I create these mandalas in solitude, their presence is felt by the community. Hikers, nature lovers, and even casual strollers who come across these unique forms have reached out to express their surprise and gratitude. In a time when human interaction is minimal, these mandalas act as silent communicators, forging a sense of shared experience and interconnectedness.

© Lamberti Arts

In Conclusion: The Journey Continues

As the pandemic continues to shape our lives, so does my journey with rock mandalas. They have become a way to make sense of the chaos, to find beauty in simplicity, and to connect when isolation is the norm.

Each stone I place is both a grounding in the present moment and a message to anyone who encounters it—a reminder that even in challenging times, we can find creative ways to adapt, to express, and to connect.

In crafting, in placing, and in observing how these rock mandalas interact with their environment, I am continually learning. It's an unfolding dialogue, a story still in the making. And it is in this 'now,' in the depth of today's complexities, that I find not only solace but also inspiration for what art can achieve.


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