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The Transformative Power of Clay: Artistic Exploration During COVID-19

Creativity in the Time of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape our everyday experiences, art has become a source of solace and a channel for self-expression for many, including myself. In this period of physical isolation, I've turned to the ancient yet ever-versatile medium of clay as a means to not only deepen my own artistic practice but also to maintain an artistic dialogue with my friend artist Beatriz Acevedo..

Although we each delve into different thematic areas, our collective enthusiasm for art serves as a lasting bond, bridging the physical distance between us. While our thematic interests diverge—Beatriz exploring the resilience of fungi, me diving into the Wabi-Sabi philosophy—our collective enthusiasm for art serves as a lasting bond. This connection has become even more meaningful as we’ve bridged the physical distance between us through shared experiences with clay. Early on, Beatriz and I began exchanging our discoveries, ideas, and resulting artworks. This mutual engagement was so enriching that we soon decided to formalize it into a collaborative project we

named "The Lockdown Cabinet of Curiosities."

© Lamberti Arts

Wabi-Sabi Journey in Clay

In a time when touch has become a subject of caution, the tactile and malleable nature of clay offers a reclaiming of this fundamental sense. My own journey has led me to deeply engage with the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese aesthetic concept that emphasizes the beauty in imperfection and the transience of life. The principles of Wabi-Sabi resonate more than ever, helping me navigate through the uncertainties of our current world by embracing its intrinsic imperfections and complexities.

© Lamberti Arts

Clay Sculpting: A Reflective Practice

In the act of sculpting clay, I find a profound focus on fragility, vulnerability, and authenticity. Each curve and indentation becomes not just a physical form but a tribute to individuality and the human condition. Through these tangible expressions, the process of clay sculpting emerges as a metaphor for restoration and healing, especially in these complex times. It places emphasis on the value of acceptance and the simple joys of life, reminding us of the virtues that often get overshadowed in a fast-paced world.

© Lamberti Arts

The Lockdown Cabinet of Curiosities: A Collaborative Expression

Beatriz and I are weaving our separate yet connected journeys into our collaborative project, "The Lockdown Cabinet of Curiosities." While Beatriz focuses on the resilience and ecological wonders of fungi, my work explores the Wabi-Sabi philosophy. The project serves as a testament to the incredible potential for creativity and connection even in isolated conditions. It is our shared reservoir, a tactile and visual documentation of our personal and collective experiences during these extraordinary times.

© Lamberti Arts


As the world continues to find its way through the maze of uncertainties prompted by COVID-19, my venture into clay artistry—and our mutual project with Beatriz—stands as an enriching, transformative journey. "The Lockdown Cabinet of Curiosities" not only offers a space for individual exploration but also serves as a point of connection, reminding us that even when we're apart, art has the power to bring us together. Stay creative, stay connected.


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